PNG Crush Easy Install for Windows 7

This trick to compress PNG files is thanks to the following articles and the Crush PNG developer combined by Seamus Diamond for use on Windows 7.

Readme Author: Seamus Diamond ( &



Download Now – PNG Crush

0) Download and unzip the file above and you’ll reveal the pngcrush folder it contains (thanks Daniel)
1) Copy the folder and it’s contents to the c: root
2) copy the two shortcut files contained in the folder to your “SendTo” folder in windows
– you can open the SendTo folder by clicking the windows button and typing “shell:sendto”
– or you’ll find the SendTo folder here: UsersyourusernameAppDataRoamingMicrosoftWindowsSendTo
— Note: the AppData folder is hidden

1) right-click on a png file, click send to, click Crush PNG (or brute)
– an alternative method is to drag a .png image file onto the shortcut icon
– Note: the brute version may compress further but takes longer
2) look for your new image with “2.png” appended to the original name

If it doesn’t work check these potential issues.
-> is the path correct in the shortcut before you copied it or used it?
-> is the image you want to compress a png and not jpg or other?


  1. Daniel

    Instructions don’t mention that you need to unzip the into a folder called ‘pngcrush’ first. This is the ‘folder’ talked about in step 1. Really the only thing you need in that folder is the exe file.

  2. kev

    I have tried many png solutions to reduce file size on windows, this is the only one that has worked for me! I could not understand how to use png crush, command line stuff is confusing to me and too much of a pain lol. This is perfect, followed the instructions and worked first go.

    Thank you so much!

  3. Thanks for the article. Works well. I am not a tech savvy, I was confused with C: Root. I had to search again. Anyways, you have to place the folder pngcrush in “C: ” or drive where Windows is installed.

  4. Susan

    Cool! Thanks for this. I was confused to what C:root meant as well. Thanks to Kumar, I got it!

  5. Sachin Malhotra

    Thanks for the solution… it worked in one go… thanks a ton…

  6. Patrick

    It’s realy easy to “install”. Thank you and greething from germany.

  7. Hi there
    Wow this is the first real tutorial about pngcrush that I could understand and I am a computer geek..

    I also wrote another tutorial on my website going into even further details with screenshots for newbies..

    I gave a link back here on two articles as this is the absolute best! Thank you!

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