Office Supplies Website| Bryan S Ryan is a leading provider of office supplies, IT services, and Print Management services in Ireland and the UK. They came to Freeman Contingent looking for find an Ecommerce system that was built with SEO & Integration at its soul. They needed a solution that was infinitely flexible to their Enterprise needs. The word “No” is not in their language, that’s why they came to Freeman Contingent.

What They Say

“We required complex custom B2B & B2C features, Advanced User interface designs, and 2-way integration with internal & cloud-based systems.

Since go-live we have already seen orders from new customers increased by 23%, page views have increased 249% and the bounce rate has decreased by 114%.

Freeman Contingent delivered the website meeting or exceeding every requirement.”

Adrienne Prendergast, Sales Director at Bryan S Ryan

B2B Office Supplies Features

  • Approval Controls – allowing managers to approve & edit orders
  • Contract Pricing – create unique prices for your corporate clients
  • Promotional Pricing – Buy 2 get 1 free, 10% Off, £20 off, Limited time Only Promotions
  • Saved Baskets – Allow Users to save multiple baskets for each department
  • My Cost Centres – Users can create and manage their own cost centres. Enabling them to track departmental spend
  • My Printers – Users can create custom names and save their printers and their associated Ink & Toner. Allowing them to quickly re-order supplies.
  • My Products – Allows the Users an area to customise their favourite or most ordered items.
  • User Reporting – Allow managers to create reports on User spend, Spend per Address, Spend per date range, and much more.
  • Ink & Toner Finder – With own products and 2 unique search abilities.
  • Beautifully Clean User Interface
  • Custom Newsletter

Office Supplies Ecommerce Web Service

There is no point to just have an Ecommerce website that doesn’t address your automated product update process and integration needs. Bryan S Ryan understands this and went for our Office Supplies Mangento Automated Update Web service. Have a look at what it does.

  • Automatically Updates your products every month directly from Vow or Spicers catalogue
  • Create Unique Product Descriptions for better SEO. Without the fear of losing your work on the next update
  • Automatic Updates Include…
    • Product Title, Descriptions, and unique data
    • Associated products
    • Product Videos
    • Product Images
    • Product Specification Documents
    • Alternative Products
    • Product Pricing
    • Product Variants – Colour, Brand, Price, Material, Size, Shape, etc

Backend ERP Integration

  • Instant 2 Way communication between your ERP, Invoice system, or any other system and your Office Supplies Ecommerce Website
  • Sync your customers, addresses, special pricing, anything you want!

Search Engine Optimisation

Here is the real Pièce de résistance. This system has the best SEO search features in the UK and Ireland. This office supplies ecommerce system is designed with a host of SEO features to allow you to dominate the rankings. Bryan S Ryan has seen a their page indexing increas from 470 pages to 4,700 pages in 2 weeks. Google is now indexing them better and at a faster rate then ever before.

  • Custom Clean Urls for products, pages, and categories
  • Custom Category Pages
  • Custom Product Titles, Descriptions
  • Custom Meta Titles, Descriptions for every Page, Category, and Product throughout the site
  • Canonical Urls
  • Micro Data – allowing Click Here to see the results
    • Custom Search Titles
    • Custom Search Descriptions
    • In Stock
    • Prices in SERP
    • Breadcrumbs
  • …and much more

Suffice it to say. This is now the number 1 most flexible, Google Friendly, Powerful Ecommerce website out there.

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