GAAGO | RTÉ Worldwide Streaming

Fully Developed, Hosted, and Supported by Freeman Contingent.

GAAGO was commissioned by RTÉ Digital & the GAA to allow viewers all around the world access to the GAA Gaelic Games. This web application allows for one click access to both Live Streaming and Video On Demand content. Users are able to purchase individual games or season passes that give them exclusive access to GAA match content. We were very proud to have the opportunity to work with such well known and distinguished brands. – Live & VOD Streaming

Web Application Highlights

  • Custom Built Ecommerce Website
  • Thousands of Transactions prior to a match
  • Fully Responsive User Interface
  • Integration with Amazon SES
  • Custom built API
  • Content Delivery Network Integration
  • IP Geo-Blocking & IP Location Tracking
  • Television Rights Management
  • Integration with MSP
  • EC2 Amazon Server Replication
  • 100% Up-Time Monitoring
  • And Much More…

What They Say

“Seamus’ team undertook the development of the 2014 launch website of, delivering a well-structured application to demanding time-scales. Communication was effortless, and trust was developed and maintained. Seamus’ passion for elegant code reassured us as we moved forward to a dramatic and highly successful simultaneous worldwide launch which saw hundreds of purchases in the first 24 hours.

Responding to a functional design by RTÉ, Freeman Contingent did a timely, well structured design-and-build project of a high-usability responsive website with back-office that streamed live Gaelic Games to thousands of Irish Diaspora (took credit card payments, did geo-blocking, worked with DRM.) The site integrated with an overseas streaming media server, and had its own CDN for peak usage (E.g. All-Ireland Senior Football finals.)”

Ruairi Boland B.Eng, Dip. FM – RTÉ Digital Web Development Consultant

Dealing with International Rights

Very early in the process we had to consider how to deal with rights issued that affected certain GAA games in the UK market, Irish Market, and the rest of the world. A UK User would have the right to buy a season pass but would be limited to some Games but not others. Further, if that User purchased while in the UK but traveled outside of the UK while viewing, what would they have access to view. We had to develop a two tiered system of logic that managed the access levels of each User in realtime.

High Traffic, Live Streaming Web Content

Live Streaming is fantastic for viewers to be able to engage with content in real-time. GAA has an huge international audience that demands quality. We were able to provide a 3 level solution to guarantee uptime for thousands of visitors, purchasers, and viewers. This included…

  • Server Level Caching
  • CMS Level Caching
  • CDN Caching

We saw 100% up-time for our matches even with huge spikes in traffic 5-10 min before any given match. Our system could accommodate for several thousand transactions per minute without sacrificing speed or quality.

Custom Website Administration Area

Due to the level of uniqueness of the GAAGO system, we needed to develop a fully custom built Administration Area. This area managed customers, purchases, discounts, Streaming authorisations, and Television rights content restrictions. The RTÉ management team was able to Add new fixtures, manage customers, create complex discounts, authorise streams, manage content, manage television rights, add new matches, and much more. This gave them a huge advantage to manage the content in real-time. Further, we created this Administration area on a separate server infrastructure to increase up-time reliability and increase security.

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