Send & Receive SMS Text Messaging from Zoho CRM

Send & Receive texts messages directly from within your Zoho CRM. This is fully integrated into your CRM. Allowing you to see text history, create text message templates, auto limits to 140 characters, custom internal notes, and more.

Fully Upgraded with Zoho CRM 2016

Yes, it works seamlessly with the new Zoho CRM upgrade for 2016. It adopts the new user interface design on installation. So you can get all the advantages of the new Zoho CRM look and feel, as well as all the upgraded functionality.

We will update our videos shortly, stay tuned.

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text messaging customers from zoho crm

Have a look at how our extension allows you to text your customers directly from your CRM.


sms text message crm features

Send & Receive

Unlimited Users

Leads, Contacts, and Potentials

Bulk Messaging

SMS with Workflows

Customer Responses

Delivery Reports

Text Message Templates

SMS Text History

Auto Opt Out Management

API’s for Custom Development

Message Scheduler


Import & Export SMS Messages

Auto Character Limits

Quick Links inside Your Zoho CRM

And Much More….


pricing : how much does it cost?

one time setup charge of ÉIRE: €339 ( EU: €439, US: $373, UK: £339 ),

    Clickatell monthly charges

  • USA : $6.85 per month (includes usa number, 500 free outbound texts, free inbound texts)
  • EU : Setup fee (~$100 country dependent) $6.85 per month 500 free outbound texts, free inbound texts
  • UK & IRELAND : no monthly charge as we use for these accounts
  • text messages prices range from .02 to .04 cents(£$€) per text message.
  • Check website for more details

zoho crm sms text message marketing

SMS text marketing is one of the most successful and engaging ways to interact with your customers. Now you get it connected directly with your customer contacts.

How it Works

We Setup Things In Your Zoho CRM


This takes only 24 hours

We send you a confirmation Email


including “how-to” Videos

That’s It….
Start Texting


You just pay for the texts

How Will I send Text Messages

Your text messages are sent directly from within your zoho crm to your customers. The system uses to send your sms text messages. When you send a text message, the price of the text will be debited from your account.

What Do I Need?

You will need to have a Zoho Enterprise License.

If you don’t have it, why not upgrade Now

How much does each sms text costs

Text Messages prices range from .02 to .04 cents(£$€) per text message.

Works on the Zoho IOS and Android CRM Apps

You can send new messages, review replies, etc. All the same abilities as on the desktop version.

Does it work for Leads & Contacts?

Yes, it works with Leads & Contact records. It also records the customer responses in your Zoho Lead or Contact History.

Is it available in the EU?

Yes, we use as our integration for EU clients. The system works the same but there is no Monthly subscription needed. Don’t worry all the setup is done by us, so all you have to do is sit back and start sending your text messages.

Customer SMS Text Message Responses

All responses from your customers are sent to your designated Email. We provide the full responses saved into your Customer, Potential, or Leads Contact History.

Does it work with my existing workflows

Yes it does. You are able to setup new workflows or integrate it with existing workflows.

Can I send Bulk Text Messages to customers?

Yes, simply login to Zoho CRM and go to your contacts listing page. Create a filter for the individual contacts. Then you tick “select all” to send the bulk message. All customer responses will be recorded in the Leads or Contact records. We provide a video tutorial on how to send your bulk messages. The Bulk messages are limited to 200 per Zoho CRM User. For example, if you have 6 Zoho CRM Users, you will then be able to send 1,200 messages per day.

How do I top-up my account

You can login to the website and simply add money to your account. super easy!

Do I need a account?

Nope. After you signup we will create a account as part of our service. We will then send you the details for your webtext account.

Is there an ongoing cost? Monthly, yearly?

Nope, there is no annual, monthly, or other cost. Once the system is setup it runs within Your Zoho and doesn’t require any maintenance.

Do you have Enterprise Level Services

Yes, we can provide special integrations and customisations for any size client. Please contact to discuss your needs in more detail. Full SLA’s (Service Level Agreements) and individual hosted solutions are available.

We are Zoho Resellers

We are very proud to be a Zoho Reseller and Alliance Partner. We are your Zoho CRM Reseller, find us on Zoho’s Reseller’s website.




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